Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Lost My Mind

It was been a bit crazy as every Christmas is. Way too much to do and little
surprises throw off the best laid plans. After staying up too late finishing a part of my research paper, I forgot to set the alarm clock.

We woke up at 7:30 that is when we are supposed to leave. Trying very hard for kids not to be late. I threw breakfast bars at them and rushed them to the car. Of course the car is on empty. So I'm praying GOD will get me to both schools on fumes. HE did.

As I pull into the gas station I realized I have NO shoes on. In the rush to be on time I forgot to grab shoes. I'm pumping gas in the cold BAREFOOT.

It is official I have LOST MY MIND


Well the puppies very much have my kids personality....Imagine that

They love to fight over one toy, even though they have tons.
What brings a child much joy, the box the toy came in.

What brings a puppy great JOY. The bow on the package.
I now just throw them bows to play with.

Ryan's Christmas program

Ryan is a distinguished member of his band as well as the only member to make the All City Band. What cool instrument does he play....the TUBA

It was lots of fun, he even had a solo. The tuba has come a long ways since I was in high school.

Jessi now wants to play the tuba, the big drum, as well as play basketball. Has anyone told her she is going to be 4'10" if she is lucky. Keep dreaming BIG, little one.

I got to catch up with the boys and their sister. I got a family photo for the first time in years.

It was a fun night and the best part is they get to stay with us over the Christmas break!!!!!!

Growing Pains..

Alex has grown more than an inch in 3 months..

He is beginning to feel not so great about himself, so Danielle decided he needed a make-over

He got some stylish boot cut Jeans (he totally skipped 10/11 and went to 12's) a few sweaters, some stylish graphic tees and causal brown shoes.

In a matter of minutes he went from cute to WoW. He is a rather handsome young man now.
He was amazed that all Danielle and I do is talk and shop, not exactly his idea of a good time.
We finished the day with a game of laser tag, Alex turned on him Mom and joined Dani's team.
They just barely won.....Wait till next time

Girls gotta have CURLS

It does not help a straight hair girl when my best friend and her daughter have beautiful natural curls. This is all Jessi wants these days. So I found these cool curlers that do the job.