Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring Fever

The weather is warm, grass is green, and plants are blooming. We are ALL having a hard time concentrating on school. Just 3 more weeks and I will have another semester under my belt, it is so hard to write papers or study right now. The kids are ready for school to be over, but this year they go until mid June. We have a mini vacation planned for mid May that should help a lot.

We had lots of fun putting in the vegetable garden, Alex and Jessi has their own plants. It should be fun to watch them care and harvest their veggies.

My hatchlings

The nankins I hatched over the winter. I lost several due to the extreme changes in weather, but I think I have at least 4 keepers, the others will join the chicken coop. This was my first time at hatching eggs my Nankins laid. My hatch rate is 85% survival rate is 50%.
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The newest Nankins

I was totally surprised to see these little guys today, the Hen was so determine to hatch this brood. I was sure that eggs were bad due to the weird weather we have had. All but two hatched. Better hatch rate then me. This kids love seeing the babies.
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1st place for Ryan

Ryan won 1st place in the Dallas UIL one act play. HE was Wiley in "Wiley and the Hairy man". He was so good, he totally got into his character. The kids love watching Ryan in the play.

Watch out Hollywood, here he comes

Kindergarten Round-up

This is a right of passage for every 5 yr old in Krum,TX. Jessi didn't like the brown horse Mike made her, a little PINK paint and some glam fixed everything.

She was very serious about her foot work, the poor little guy had no chance of leading at all.

Snow's beauty

Some beautiful pictures of the snow. It is rare to get this much snow in Krum, we loved it!

Snow Day

It was a crazy drive home, but the fun we had in the 9 inches was well worth the hassle.
The puppies loved the snow. They would get these huge snowballs on their fur. It looked so funny

Alex spent hours outside playing, Krum took the next day as snow day as well. So the kids were so excited about missing school.
Bouncing snow is more fun than falling snow.

Notice anything missing.... Jessi

Jessi is not a fan of the cold or snow.