Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saving a Squirrel

When the hurricane hit South Texas there was a lot of damages to the trees north of Houston. My sister found a newborn squirrel. She has cared for this little guy 24-7. Here are some cute pictures.
Under the pink towel is a person.

Graduation Party

We had a small graduation party. My sister made this incredible cake the whole thing was eatable. It was hard cutting into the cake. My coworker Tess made a coffee flavored cake that was to die for. It was a really fun gathering.


AFTER 3 LONG YEARS IT IS FINALLY OVER. It was a stressful trip over to the graduation, but it was so great to see all my classmates and to know we finally finished the tough task at hand.
I could not have done any of it without Mike, he was my rock and the sole parent of our two kids.
He deserves all the credit.....he got a cool car.

Thanksgiving Day

Everyone had to help with the cooking. So the kids picked a dish and jumped in whole
heart. The kids also made the table clothe and place mats. Jessi was very much into the hand shaped turkeys. It was fun having all the kids around, even though I had tons of school work to do. It was a Great Thanksgiving!