Friday, January 25, 2008

ALEX is 10

It's hard to believe Alex is 10!!
He has really grown in the last couple of months. His stats are 4'8" 73 lbs, doing well in school.
He had a small party at Main Event in honor of his double digits.
Mom and Dad even got to play laser tag. Our team of boys stomped the 9-10 girls in laser tag.
Star Wars legos are the mainstay at this point. I think we have all but one.

The red rollercoaster was his favorite ride.
So did Jessi

Alex's big surgery

Alex is finally of age to have his bone graft surgery. I was a nervous wreck for days, I have no idea why. Alex was a champ as usual. He was very brave and mature. He had to do the recovery without Mom and was great. Every nurse bragged on him. One hour into the overnight stay and he was ready for home, so they let us go home.

He never loses his sense of humor :)

A Nintendo DS can pull you through anything