Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Lost My Mind

It was been a bit crazy as every Christmas is. Way too much to do and little
surprises throw off the best laid plans. After staying up too late finishing a part of my research paper, I forgot to set the alarm clock.

We woke up at 7:30 that is when we are supposed to leave. Trying very hard for kids not to be late. I threw breakfast bars at them and rushed them to the car. Of course the car is on empty. So I'm praying GOD will get me to both schools on fumes. HE did.

As I pull into the gas station I realized I have NO shoes on. In the rush to be on time I forgot to grab shoes. I'm pumping gas in the cold BAREFOOT.

It is official I have LOST MY MIND


Well the puppies very much have my kids personality....Imagine that

They love to fight over one toy, even though they have tons.
What brings a child much joy, the box the toy came in.

What brings a puppy great JOY. The bow on the package.
I now just throw them bows to play with.

Ryan's Christmas program

Ryan is a distinguished member of his band as well as the only member to make the All City Band. What cool instrument does he play....the TUBA

It was lots of fun, he even had a solo. The tuba has come a long ways since I was in high school.

Jessi now wants to play the tuba, the big drum, as well as play basketball. Has anyone told her she is going to be 4'10" if she is lucky. Keep dreaming BIG, little one.

I got to catch up with the boys and their sister. I got a family photo for the first time in years.

It was a fun night and the best part is they get to stay with us over the Christmas break!!!!!!

Growing Pains..

Alex has grown more than an inch in 3 months..

He is beginning to feel not so great about himself, so Danielle decided he needed a make-over

He got some stylish boot cut Jeans (he totally skipped 10/11 and went to 12's) a few sweaters, some stylish graphic tees and causal brown shoes.

In a matter of minutes he went from cute to WoW. He is a rather handsome young man now.
He was amazed that all Danielle and I do is talk and shop, not exactly his idea of a good time.
We finished the day with a game of laser tag, Alex turned on him Mom and joined Dani's team.
They just barely won.....Wait till next time

Girls gotta have CURLS

It does not help a straight hair girl when my best friend and her daughter have beautiful natural curls. This is all Jessi wants these days. So I found these cool curlers that do the job.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Danielle and I have the same obsession...

Finding the perfect Christmas Dress for our daughters.

We went to high and low end stores trying to find THE dress. Target usually a safe fall back, was a dud this year.

I asked if I was being too picky and Dani said I wasn't. Nothing spoke to my heart until...

It will be floor length on Jessi, but the off white will go so well with her skin tone. I can't wait to do a photo shoot in this dress.

I did find Alex an outfit, but only Dani know where I got it and she better not tell : )


We have engrained traditions when it comes to Christmas. Krum kicks off the towns celebration on the first Saturday of December and so do WE.

1. If everything works out, the day starts with a 5k Santa Run (not this year). I met my best friend Danielle at the very first Santa Run. So it will always hold a special place in my heart.

2. We go and find the perfect tree. Alex picked a tree this year based on the price. So we have an 8 ft. tree for $28. Love a good deal.

3. Then we decorate it, to reveal the German ornaments that I bought post-Christmas the year before. We are getting quite a collection. Each year the glass ornaments get a little lower on the tree.

4. We attend the parade of lights, always fun. No
tractors this year, but we did have a marching band.

5. Finally, Chili dinner with Santa, yes that is the real Santa and he likes chili.

What a great time it is for everyone, a perk of living in a
small town that renames itself NORTH POLE TEXAS


Mike DID it and everyone had a blast.

Jessi and Alex both enjoyed the the show.

Jessi was a so cute and performed well, except tripping on a mat as she went onto the floor, Mike said she did a quick recovery and did all of her stunts.

She loved wearing her performance uniform.

Don't they look so cute. Mike is getting much better at

taking the pictures I really want.

She is not the only kindergartener on the team, but she is the smallest, so she is always easy to pick out.

Alex loved the basketball stunts and Jessi loved the gymnast.
I wish I could have been there, but it was a great success all around.

Friday, November 30, 2007


It is a mircle....Mike took the kids on a overnighter all by himself.

In the 7 years I have been a Mom, I have never had our house to myself.

Mike took the kids to Wichita Falls (my old stopping grounds) so Jessi could perform with the Harlem Globetrotters. She is a member of a basketball demostration team called PiP. She is a basketball nut...and couldn't stand waiting till 2nd grade to play. I really hate missing her first performance :(

If I didn't have a big exam to take tomorrow, I might be enjoying my alone time more.

If all goes well Mike will be doing this a little more often.


We first met Ryan and Kyran 9 yrs ago when they stayed with us for 6 months. They were the cutest 5 and 6 year old we had ever met. After going back home we had the privilage of keeping in contact with them over the years. It has been so fun watching them grow and mature into the men they are today

Despite a tough upbring they have turned out to be such GOOD YOUNG MEN. They are so kind, respectful, considerate, smart, funny and sweet.

With everyone's busy schedule we have not been able to get together in the last 6 months, so I was thrilled when their mother said I could have them for a week.

The kids love them so much, Jessi has them wrapped around her little finger. Kyran loves how she uses his height to reach everything. Alex loves how they treat him like a little brother, someone who can take him down, yet let him win sometimes too.

We had so much fun, and in my heart they will always be my first SONS.


Dylan is the son of my Dad's really good friends. He lives a few acres behind my Dad. Alex and Dylan hit it off from the start. Alex will say "I want to go to Grandpa's" but really he wants to spend every minute with Dylan. They are both active and silly. Alex loved that Dylan got to spend a holiday with us.

Alex and Dylan showing their true colors


What a great day this was, Ryan and Kryan got to spend the entire week with us. Alex and Jessi adore them. They spent a great deal of time playing video games and on the lap tops. My Dad and Dylan came for a few days adding to the bliss.

Mike made his famous smoked turkeys (3 in all). Everyone got to request their favorite dishes, so I got to try some really new and special receipes. It was one of our best dinners according to Mike.

Texas finally got it's first cold snap, making it feel much more like Thanksgiving. The kids enjoyed the cool weather and loved playing ping pong in the barn.

We had a house full just the way I like it. The biggest kid is the one holding Jessi.

Jessi loves her Grandpa and he adores her. IT WAS A GREAT THANKSGIVING.

The Photo Shoot

It is time for the annual Christmas card shoot. Mike opted out this year, making it easier to get a smiling picture. This year Ryan and Kyran got to join in this year, they quickley learn that one more really means 10 more.....

Jessi is a natural she can strike a pose....

We all had really good time and got some great photos.

It was all smiles until I couldn't find my car keys......that is a whole another blog

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Halloween 2007

Something SWEET and Something Scary

It was an interesting year.

Jessi choose to be Amish, but she wanted jewelry and high heels, we managed to explain that isn't really what the Amish wear. Her reply was "So being Amish means you can't be cute"

We will cover this later in life.

Alex was frightening this year, so much that he made two small kids cry.

He felt really horrible, but loved all the comments he got

Newest furry family members

After promising Alex he could have a puppy when he turned 10, the time was here.
After much research on the right breed, a poodle mix (due to allergies), we started looking at puppies.

Mike couldn't envision his son's first dog as a poodle. He just didn't like the "curly" look.

Well I found these little guys at the Greenville animal shelter. Please look at shelters first, there are thousands of pets (designer and pure breds) all waiting for home, is a great source for finding a pet.

It was love at first sight for everyone!!!!