Saturday, December 8, 2007


Danielle and I have the same obsession...

Finding the perfect Christmas Dress for our daughters.

We went to high and low end stores trying to find THE dress. Target usually a safe fall back, was a dud this year.

I asked if I was being too picky and Dani said I wasn't. Nothing spoke to my heart until...

It will be floor length on Jessi, but the off white will go so well with her skin tone. I can't wait to do a photo shoot in this dress.

I did find Alex an outfit, but only Dani know where I got it and she better not tell : )


We have engrained traditions when it comes to Christmas. Krum kicks off the towns celebration on the first Saturday of December and so do WE.

1. If everything works out, the day starts with a 5k Santa Run (not this year). I met my best friend Danielle at the very first Santa Run. So it will always hold a special place in my heart.

2. We go and find the perfect tree. Alex picked a tree this year based on the price. So we have an 8 ft. tree for $28. Love a good deal.

3. Then we decorate it, to reveal the German ornaments that I bought post-Christmas the year before. We are getting quite a collection. Each year the glass ornaments get a little lower on the tree.

4. We attend the parade of lights, always fun. No
tractors this year, but we did have a marching band.

5. Finally, Chili dinner with Santa, yes that is the real Santa and he likes chili.

What a great time it is for everyone, a perk of living in a
small town that renames itself NORTH POLE TEXAS


Mike DID it and everyone had a blast.

Jessi and Alex both enjoyed the the show.

Jessi was a so cute and performed well, except tripping on a mat as she went onto the floor, Mike said she did a quick recovery and did all of her stunts.

She loved wearing her performance uniform.

Don't they look so cute. Mike is getting much better at

taking the pictures I really want.

She is not the only kindergartener on the team, but she is the smallest, so she is always easy to pick out.

Alex loved the basketball stunts and Jessi loved the gymnast.
I wish I could have been there, but it was a great success all around.