Saturday, February 23, 2008

First test is over

Life is very stressful right now with school, clinicals, work and kids. I took the first test of the semester today and have 2 more this week. I'm at least a bit closer to graduation. I keep praying this will pay off one day. If I can manage to keep my sanity and not drive everyone else crazy it will be mircle.

Here is to having one test done,
Mike made be a rack of Lamb to celebrate.

We got a new floor

After 11 yrs our kitchen floor has taken a beaten. Between normal wear and tear, we have had a boat load of animals in the mud room over the years (including sick calves). Our new puppies decided to help with the destruction of the floor by tearing up the edges and eating it.

So we picked out new flooring, more modern and less dated then old blue diamond flooring. I must commend Mike on getting everything replaced including the baseboards in one day.

The best part is the floor looks like a beige stone with imperfections, so spills and nicks just look like part of the floor.

Now to replace the carpet, maybe next year.