Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Today Mike went back to I slept in.

Alex and Jessi got up and did the following:
Cleaned their rooms
Cleaned the game room
Picked up the Front room, kitchen, foyer
Cleaned the Mud room (Doggie Room)
Ran the Dishwasher
Made Breakfast
and then brought me Coffee to bed to wake me up.

These are the best kids ever....I hope this is a new tradition

A New Year...

Every year we try to stay up but rarely make it. This year was no different.
I was able to get off work a little early, so we had crackers and cheese.
Then I pretended I was going to bed and before I knew it everyone was in our bed...including the puppies. So we rang in the new year with snores and laughter.

We are excited about 2008, because I graduate this year.

A Electronic Christmas

You know times have changed when every gift had a computer chip.

On the hit list was a Wii, nintendo DS, a Camcorder, GPS, digital picture frame and a new laptop.

I was cancelled at work on Christmas Eve, so I got to do all the traditions with all the kids. We made treats for Mother Nature, went to Candlelight service, made cookies for Santa

We had such a good time. Alex woke up at 3 a.m. before Santa could arrive and it took a mircle to keep them in bed till 6 a.m.

We had Ryan and Kyran this year, the first year they were actually here on Christmas Day.
Jessi got a life size Barbie (Grandpa) who is her new worker in her store (Grandma). Alex is filming anything and everything in the house. When everything was quite you could find everyone on their DS playing quietly.
Everyone agreed this was the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!

P.S. Next year I vow to have less electronics

The Annual Christmas Gathering

I decided that it was time to restart the annual Christmas gathering.
It always takes place the Saturday before Christmas. Almost everyone was there except Debbie and her gang. We had great fun, food, and visited a nursing home in Mom's memory. Everything was great...until Cowboy went a little crazy.
Here are some of the pictures

Prettier than a dream..

I knew that Jessi would look adorable in her Christmas dress, but I was shocked at the stunning pictures I took. Alex looked so mature compared to last year.
I love these pictures I took almost 200 and narrowed it down to 87.