Saturday, August 2, 2008

Almost Done for the summer....

It has been a tough semester just due to the shorten time frame to get all the work done.
I took my Family II final today and have one left on Monday.
One final semester to go. Hooray !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just in time for the kids activities. I have hated missing so much of their lives in the last 2.5 yrs.

I can't wait to hang out with friends, play in my garden, and sit back and get bon-bons.

She can move those HIPS

Jessi favorite thing is to do the hula hoop. She can do it for hours. She laughs at the rest of
us because we are lucky if it goes around once. GOD gave her a little tush but man can she move
it. We will have our hands full when she gets older.
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Football and Cheerleading

Jessi so wanted to do cheerleading last year but my schedule and her small size made we wait. Well, is she so excited to be a cheerleader this year. She has a two day camp then lots of practices. She wants to be a flyer which I have no doubt she will be a great flyer. A flyer is the girl on top of the pyrmid being thrown around.
Alex was a little shy and unsure at first (since we don't watch or play football) but now he loves it. He is actually pretty good. Even in the 100+ heat. You just never know where their talents may be.
What a cute team, I could have never ask for better kids. I'm so very blessed.
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