Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Halloween 2007

Something SWEET and Something Scary

It was an interesting year.

Jessi choose to be Amish, but she wanted jewelry and high heels, we managed to explain that isn't really what the Amish wear. Her reply was "So being Amish means you can't be cute"

We will cover this later in life.

Alex was frightening this year, so much that he made two small kids cry.

He felt really horrible, but loved all the comments he got

Newest furry family members

After promising Alex he could have a puppy when he turned 10, the time was here.
After much research on the right breed, a poodle mix (due to allergies), we started looking at puppies.

Mike couldn't envision his son's first dog as a poodle. He just didn't like the "curly" look.

Well I found these little guys at the Greenville animal shelter. Please look at shelters first, there are thousands of pets (designer and pure breds) all waiting for home, http://www.petfinder.com/ is a great source for finding a pet.

It was love at first sight for everyone!!!!